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Owning a Revere Vehicle

To our discerning clients Revere is the ultimate reward. This is achieved by delivering an ownership experience without comparison. We understand that every owner is an individual and why every car we make is entirely bespoke.

Creation starts with an extensive consultation with you, the client. Our team of designers and engineers take your thoughts, requests and lifestyle and produce for you a Revere Vehicle that exceeds expectations in every area delivering the greatest customer delight and satisfaction.

Aftersales and Service

The high standard of ownership experience extends into the Revere aftersales and service arena. Our customers can expect an unusually high standard of benefits and assistance through our nationwide network of facilities.

All components or conversions fitted under our certificated programme, purchased through ourselves or one of our authorised dealers also benefit from a comprehensive two year warranty and where this may have expired we are renowned for our extensive goodwill policy.

After-Sales and Service is of paramount importance to us, should you require any additional help or assistance with your vehicle please call Revere Head office on +44 (0)20 7022 1201 and one of our trained team of advisers will be happy to help.

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