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Revere Tailored Edition Vehicles & Accessories

Notice of Non-Affiliation & Disclaimer

Notice of Non-Affiliation to Revere Vehicle Sales Ltd

• Revere Design London Ltd (Trading as Revere London) and Gyoury, including the directors of these companies are not in any way connected with a similarly named company named: Revere Vehicle Sales Ltd (Company Number: #0661361) - Registered to: Arquen House 4-6 Spencer Street, AL4 3PQ. Please do not confuse the brand Revere London with this company and its directors.
If you have any issues with this company, please contact the Citizen Advice Bureau.

Notice of Non-Affiliation to vehicle manufactuers

• Revere Design London Ltd (T/A Revere London) are not endorsed by and/or affiliated with any vehicle manufactuers and/or any of their associated marks.

• Revere London is a vehicle modifier and part manufacturer. Revere London is not a complete vehicle manufactuer.

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