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The Revere HSR Styling Package for the Range Rover Sport

The Revere HSR styling system adds an aesthetic visual statement to an already iconic vehicle. The HSR combines precise productions methods and innovative design solutions. Incorporating important practical enhancements like daytime running lights and aerodynamic improvements, whilst adding kerb-side presence and poise. The rear bumper, aerodynamic diffuser with four tailpipes and roof spoiler confirms this message of sporting intention suggesting a more performance based purpose and character.

Our clients do not accept second best, so choosing Revere is a statement of buying a car when only the best will do. We design without compromise, everything we produce is manufactured ensure the perfect balance between form and function.

HSR Wide Body

The Revere HSR Widebody pushes the envelope of performance and design to the very highest levels, based on a 5.0 V8 Supercharged Range Rover Sport each vehicle is rebuilt with extensive, exciting dynamic and aesthetic improvements, this ensures the result is an incomparable vehicle that is lower, wider and more powerful than anything available.

The Revere HSR Widebody is a statement, it attacks the senses like no other Range Rover. It has an astonishing turn of pace combined with a sonorous soundtrack that can only be described as incredible. NO SUV looks, performs or sounds like a Revere HSR Widebody.

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