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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Revere do?

Revere manufacture and sell an exclusive selection of luxury customisation parts for a select group of vehicles. Revere are able to supply many of these products immediately but we also specialise in a wide range of bespoke services which include, body styling products, upholstery, custom wheels, paint all installed by our highly trained automotive master technicians.

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How much does it cost?

Revere London tailor packages to suit every budget, such as luxury alloy wheels and tyres from as little as £3,000 or basic vehicle interior re-trimming from £2,500. More extensive, individually designed body kits start from £5,000* to conversions with no price limit. If you require something more bespoke we can arrange for a personal no obligation consultation at your convenience.

*Starting price dependant on vehicle type

How long has Revere London been around?

Revere as an individual entity was originally started from their Park Lane London showroom in 2007 to service and maintain their increasing number of exclusive clientele. Our dedicated bespoke team have over 40 years experience in the aftermarket automotive sector so you can be assured your vehicle is in safe hands.

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Which vehicles do you work with?

Revere London specialise in a number of luxury marques. However, with our automotive knowledge, we can apply our talents and your style to most vehicles. More recently we have been working on a programme for luxury commercial 4x4 pick-ups for our clients in Property Development and Construction. People who require ruggedness and practicality without compromising on style.

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Can I bring you my car or can I purchase a pre-built model?

We are happy to work on your own vehicle. Our consultation and design team will provide a quotation after discussing your own needs, requirements and budget.

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Can you sell me a complete Revere vehicle?

Yes, through our specialised and approved network of retail agents and dealers who will be happy to help with your part exchanges, finance packages etc.

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I have seen a Revere vehicle for sale is it authentic?

Revere vehicles usually come with a chassis plate or a certificate of authenticity. If they are not evident please contact us with the vehicle details and we will attempt to verify it.

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What is the process for a conversion?

1. We first start with a telephone conversation to discuss your basic needs. Once we have established what you require, we will be able to send you a detailed quotation.

2. When you are happy with your specification and the details, we will require an initial deposit to secure a build slot (we get very busy). We will make an appointment for you to meet one of our consultants to show you samples of our products and materials to choose for your required build (location dependent).

3. Starting the build of your vehicle, you can deliver your vehicle to us or we can arrange a transporter or a personal driver. Vehicles are either driven by our smart uniformed, experienced, mature (over 30) team personnel on trade plates or moved by smart transporters and we can offer a fully enclosed option. (Additional charges may apply).

4. The time taken for your conversion will depend on your level of conversion. Your sales associate will provide you with a build-time estimate.

5. Once your vehicle is completed, your vehicle will be fully valeted and readied for collection. We can alternatively arrange for your vehicle to be returned to your home or place of work via driver or transporter. (Additional charges may apply).

Is Revere insured for my luxury / sports vehicle?

Revere is fully insured with employers' liability, public liability and fully comprehensive motor insurance.

Does Revere London only tailor cars?

Revere apply their skills to tailor almost anything Automotive, Aeronautical or Marine.

Is the Revere service discreet?

The service we offer can be as discreet as you require. We look after many exclusive clients ranging from TV, Film and Sports Personalities as part of our VIP programme as well as many high net worth customers. Revere can also offer additional services like a bespoke armoured/ballistic protection - B4 and B6/7 for many prestigious models.

Whom does Revere sell to?

Revere appeals to clients who appreciate standard is not special enough. A Revere customer likes a vehicle which is something different, more bespoke, which is more of an individual statement or reflection of their own style and personality.

Is Revere authorised by any vehicle manufacturer?

Even though Revere London works closely with many vehicle main dealers, the company is independent and not affiliated with any vehicle marques or manufacturers.

Will a Revere conversion void any manufacturer's warranty?

Aftermarket accessories do not directly affect your existing manufacturer's warranty. However, many people, including vehicle agents/manufacturers themselves do not know the law. We suggest you always talk to your local dealer about manufacturer's aftersales issues with a modified vehicle as very often warranty is open to discretion or interpretation. Revere cannot be held responsible for refusal of any warranty claims due to modified parts being installed to your vehicle.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions in particular Block Exemption regulations 1400/2002' (in short 'BER').

Insuring a Revere London vehicle

Due to our reputation and quality of product, Revere conversions enhance the vehicles residual value. For that reason, we suggest you inform your insurance company of any modifications to your vehicle. Most insurance companies recognise Revere London products and are at ease with cosmetic changes. If you have any issues with insuring your Revere vehicle we can refer you to specialist companies who are happy to assist you to insure your car.

Can I obtain a replacement certificate for my vehicle or parts fitted to my vehicle?

Revere can organise a replacement certificate for your vehicle. We will need to check that the vehicle in question was built by Revere London. We will also require proof of ownership, along with detailed images and a vehicle VIN/chassis number, occasionally we will need to inspect the vehicle. In relation to parts we are able to re-issue certificates, but we will require a copy of the receipt of purchase. Please note an administration fee may be charged.

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I need a replacement part do you sell parts separately?

Revere are able to sell and ship much of our range of wheels and accessories however we do not ship our body styling products. Revere vehicles are built to strict specifications and tolerances. Some of our parts require specialist equipment/alignment tools to install the parts, we will be happy to assist in these instances.

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I live overseas/far away - Can you customise one of my vehicles?

Yes. Revere London have fantastic contacts with multiple vehicle logistic companies. We can organise for your vehicle to be shipped to our workshop in the UK, i.e. localised collection/delivery, 20ft individual vehicle containers, shared containers or air freight.

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