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Detail in the Design

Built without compromise

We build vehicles without compromise, this ethos has gained Revere international acclaim for innovative design, engineering, quality and exacting detail.

A Revere Tailored Vehicle is more than component production and addition; both form and function have to be evaluated and improved in equal measure to compliment your vehicles’ core brand values and existing dynamics.

We work closely with the client to ensure the finished Revere vehicle exceeds customers’ expectations at every level, adding delight and complete satisfaction to the production and ownership experience.

The Build Process

All components added in the production of a Revere Tailored Vehicle go through a stringent, performance and high quality process. Our craftsmen build every vehicle by hand using a lifetime of knowledge and experience to an exacting standard.

On completion of build every vehicle and component is subjected to an extensive testing procedure. It is then passed to our hand-finishing department for final approval before delivery to the customer, giving the assurance of total quality and build integrity.

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