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Introducing The

Revere WC4F

Taking your wheel choice to the highest level and a first for a truly British bespoke brand, we are proud to present our new 24 inch two piece forged wheel. This wheel is manufactured using the latest techniques and machinery to ensure uncompromised style, design and finish.

Colour Options

  • Diamond Turned Face / Matt Black
  • Matt Black
Bespoke Colour Options

Bespoke Colour Options

Our specialised paints and bespoke paints grants each wheel with a unique blend to create and incredibly lustrous shine. Should a customer require an even higher level of personalisation a bespoke paint may be created.

Revere WC4F Available Sizes

  • 17 Inch
  • 18 Inch
  • 19 Inch
  • 20 Inch
  • 21 Inch
  • 22 Inch
  • 23 Inch
  • 24 Inch
  • 26 Inch

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Revere WC4F 24 inch Wheels in Detail

  • Revere WC4F 24 inch Wheels
  • Revere WC4F 24 inch Wheels
  • Revere WC4F 24 inch Wheels

Two piece T6 Aerospace Grade Forged Aluminium construction

Optimised weight reduction cavities with custom PCD options

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Revere Revere WC4F
Revere WC4F Revere Forged Wheels

Forged Wheels - Revere WC4F

Every Revere WC4F is built in the UK. From the design and concept phase to compleation. This ensures our own highly trained engineers have complete control over all aspects of the manufacturing process. For every new application and specification a new set of drawings are prepared, there are no generic brake clearances, no generic offsets. Our forged wheels are manufactured for specific vehicles and fitments.

Why forged wheels?

When dealing with high value luxury vehicles there are often valid concerns that in order to visually enhance your vehicle there is a compromise in quality of the aftermarket item, this is especially the case with replacing larger wheels often with lower profile tyres. The ideal solution to this problem is forged wheels.

Revere Forged Wheels

The Revere WC4F is manufactured using the highest aerospace quality forged 6061-T6 material. Your replacement Revere Forged wheel's performance will typically exceed the OEM wheel that you are replacing offering a higher performance, lightweight, stronger alternative to the original factory supplied part. The wheel is then individually bespoke tailored to suit your specific requirements ensuring the finished product no only out performs the original wheel but dramatically enhances your vehicle's appearance. Without the complications normally associated with an aftermarket item.

Revere Luxury Forged wheels are designed and built in a variety of designs, sizes and suitable for Hyper/Supercars to Luxury SUV's, we have a varied selection of styles available from single piece monobloc wheels to complicated three-piece super concave designs. This varied choice of styles combined with an extensive array of finishes and manufacturing elements, ensures you, the client receives a forged alloy wheel representing your complete individual bespoke requirements built to the highest quality.

British Wheel Manufacturer

Luxury, Style & Exclusivity

  • Thoughtful design ensures the Revere WC4F compliments marques gracefully whilst combining form & function.
    Weight-optimised cavities are also engineered into the Revere WC4F wheel.

    A selection of hardware options are available.

Revere WC4F Key Features

  • Diamond Turned Face
  • Two piece forged wheel
  • Matt Black Lacquer Accents
  • Bespoke finishes: Transparent, 'Candy' & solid colours
  • JWL and VIA tested and approved
  • Full TPMS compatibility
  • Sizes: 24 inches

Revere Revere WC4F Luxury Wheel

Design without compromise

Choosing Revere is a statement of buying a car when only the best will do. We design without compromise, everything we produce is manufactured to ensure the perfect balance between form and function.

  • Revere WC4F fitted to a vehicle
  • Revere WC4F wheels installed
  • Revere WC4F on a car
  • Revere WC4F wheels
  • Revere WC4F vehicle


Choosing a Revere WC4F wheel is a statement when only the best will do. We design without compromise, everything we produce is manufactured to ensure the perfect balance between form and function.

  • Revere WC4F Technical Details
  • Revere WC4F Wheel Geometry and 3D Renders
  • Revere WC4F Alloy Wheel Design
  • Revere WC4F Wheel Research and Development
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