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Every vehicle says something about its owner. Buying a Revere enhanced vehicle says you value design excellence above all else. It also puts you in the rarest of company. Our clientele consists of (HNW) High net worth and (UHNW) Ultra high net worth individuals who won’t settle for normal and desire for something more exclusive.

Our stunning range of alloy wheels compliment luxury marques perfectly and can be colour matched to your desired colour. For some vehicles, Revere offer extensive dynamic improvements including up-rated suspension systems, complete or partial custom exhaust systems for enhanced sound and performance, various stages of engine performance upgrades plus aesthetic additions from subtle spoilers to full bodystyling packages.

Please call our vehicle and enhancement consultants to discuss your needs or alternatively e-mail any enquiries to us directly at

Some of the services we offer include: Revere Luxury Alloy Wheels, Bodystyling Packages, Bespoke Trimming Services, Suspension Enhancements, Exhaust Up-grades, Colour Coding Packages, Privacy Glass, Bespoke Coloured Brake Calipers, Engine Tuning, External Vehicle Wrapping, Paint Protection Film, Sophisticated Tracking Systems, Audio Upgrades and more...

With a heritage of over forty years in modifying we have seen and completed many bespoke conversions for the most discerning of clients. If there is anything more specific you require please do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to help.

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