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Authenticity of Revere Products

Ensuring total customer satisfation is paramount to Revere and that is why every official Revere vehicle or full conversion* is indentified and authenticated by its own unique engraved chassis plate and certificate. A Revere chassis plate is only fitted by our own technicians when it has passed stringent quality procedures. It is located either under the bonnet or inside the vehicle, thus giving the client total security that the work carried out will not only enhance the visual appearance but also the residual value of their vehicle. Due to our own strict build guidelines and procedures some vehicles not completed by our workshop fall outside of our warranty and quality standards.

A certificate of authenticity is presented with all official supplied parts and conversions. If you have or are considering buying a Revere enhanced vehicle outside of our dedicated sales network we urge you to check with our customer services team to ensure you are investing in a product or vehicle that has met our internal exacting standards.

Should you wish to check the authenticity of the parts used for your prospective purchase please e-mail us and provide as many details about the vehicle as possible, including any photographs, details of the current Registration number and the last seven digit’s of the vehicle's chassis number.

* Chassis Plate subject to level of conversion.

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