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BMW X6 - Interior Details

All Revere Interiors are built to the very highest standards using quality materials.

Revere London offer a number of interior options and bespoke interior options for the BMW X6.

Every Revere cabin is individually tailored to exceptional standards setting a new benchmark for ambience and luxury. Our interiors are exquisitely created using only materials from the finest sources and hand crafted together with satisfying accuracy and expertise. Trim and component embellishments in fine wood, aluminum or carbon fibre together with interior ambient lighting packages continue the external theme inside the vehicle.

Interior Cabin Space

By opening the door to a complete Revere vehicle you will see the showcase work of our craftsmen and seamstresses, our interiors involve of all your senses simultaneously.

The hand-stitched leather upholstery takes approximately two weeks to complete using several hides from the finest tanneries in Scotland and Italy and only come from the Bull as we believe this hide is superior. All of the hides we use are pre-shrunk and soaked & drum-dyed so the colour saturates right through and any surface graining of the hides are coordinated in accordance with strict standards, the soft, supple leather means it won't squeak or crack. Within each full Revere tailored vehicle you will find a composed interior that makes any journey as rewarding for the passengers as the driver. Our tailored steering wheels offer a pleasant feel suited to the character of our cars.

The additions of high-gloss veneers and wood enhancements, chrome fittings and luxury floor carpets ensure each Revere vehicle is a pleasure to be in. The high-quality materials used result in the creation of exquisite and harmonious enhancements for the interior of your Revere. The items you have chosen are then manufactured with the greatest care and precision by experienced specialists in a long process which calls for exceptional skills.

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