Revere Parts/Services Application list & Pricing for the Bentley Flying Spur

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All Prices Exclude British VAT.
Parts listed below are not affiliated with Jaguar Land Rover (inc. assosiated groups).

Luxury Alloy Wheels and Performance Tyres

Revere Luxury wheels have set new industry standards in the Luxury aftermarket wheel industry from strength testing, right across to highly advanced paint and diamond cutting processes.

The Revere wheel collection has been designed to be timeless in design and to optimise the vehicles appearance without any design compromises.

Revere wheels are also available in bespoke paint finishes (Please speak to a member of staff to explore the unique finishes available)

The road wheel program is associated with only the very best tyre manufacturers in the world for increased road comfort, tyre performance, stopping distances and softened road noise.

Product RRP
22" Revere WC1 aluminium wheels in Belgravia Silver with Yokohama tyres 265/30/22 or 275/30/22 (Sets of 4) £2,895.00
22" Revere WC1 aluminium wheels in Mayfair Black with Yokohama tyres 265/30/22 or 275/30/22 (Sets of 4) £2,995.00
22" Revere WC2 aluminium wheels with Yokohama tyres 265/30/22 or 275/30/22 (Sets of 4) £3,295.00
22" Revere WC3 (Satin Anthracite) aluminium wheels with Yokohama tyres 265/30/22 or 275/30/22 (Sets of 4) £3,594.95
22" Revere WC3 (Mayfair Black) aluminium wheels with Yokohama tyres 265/30/22 or 275/30/22 (Sets of 4) £3,594.95
22" Revere WC1 aluminium wheel in Belgravia Silver (Wheel only) £424.68
22" Revere WC1 aluminium wheel in Mayfair Black (Single wheel only) £455.00
22" Revere WC2 alloy wheel (Single Wheel Only) £525.00
22" Revere WC3 alloy wheel Satin Anthracite (Single Wheel Only) £599.95
22" Revere WC3 alloy wheel Mayfair Black (Single Wheel Only) £599.95
Additional to our standard colours, Revere bespoke personalisation programme allows you to customize your wheels to reflect your own personal style. Choose from over 100 gloss and matt colors or even the added touch of diamond turned the rim edges for an extra shine. Please call for a quotation. £0.00

Exterior Enhancements, Paint and Installation

Exterior Enhancements, Paint and Installation

Product RRP
Additional Paint £0.00

Bespoke Interior Upholstery and Veneers

Revere bespoke leather interior upgrades:

Every Revere re-upholstered interior requires several hides from the same batch that are carefully checked to certify the suppleness throughout. Revere only take the very best hides from Scotland and Italy for our interiors. Every millimetre of each hide of soft nappa leather is inspected by our trained upholsterers to ensure there are no imperfections within the natural hide material.We then hand-cut the pieces required only using the very best sections. The leather is pre-shrunk and specially dyed so the colour permeates right through making it supple so that it won't squeak, crack or stretch. Individuals can choose from a vast range of mono and contrasting colour leather combinations and stitched in over 100 different thread colours. Choose between our embossed or embroidered logo for a finishing touch. We are also able to offer a bespoke logo service.

Revere Veneer Interior Upgrades: To complement the leather upholstery we are proud to now offer a comprehensive veneering service ranging from interior panels, dash panels, door inserts and steering wheels.

Product RRP
Full nappa leather re-uppolstering service . Choice of colours stitching and style. prices from £1,899.00
Black grand Piano interior package including dash and all door panels* exchange £1,850.00
Luxury lamb wool floor over carpet. coiices of colours £431.91
Seat Belts (Choice of colours). £599.95

Engine Enhancement Upgrades

Plug and Play Module:

This is not a "generic" system, no "one size fits all" solution - every Revere system is individually designed and calibrated for your specific vehicle.

Our microprocessor controlled tuning systems contain engine-specific dynamic 'maps' that are placed in the unit's memory. These are all dynamometer tested and proven to give a very noticeable increase in performance.

From the moment a module is plugged in to your vehicle's engine, the Revere system starts to analyse the individual data for different fuel injection cycles and conditions. Then, over a short period of self-adjustment, the information resulting from this analysis is used to optimise performance automatically.

Engine ECU Remapping:

After extensive development and testing, we arrive at the optimised settings for your make and model of vehicle, ensuring that each remap is as individual as the software inside your ECU, safely eliminating those 'performance compromises'. The software is written for performance power increases and fuel optimisation.

Product RRP
Revere Electronic Tuning ECU Reprogramming - Approximately provides an extra 80bhp / 59Kw and an additional 110NM of Torque £2,795.00
Bentley (B Logo) For Revere wheels Bentley part number RH 20469 Each £999.00

Vehicle Wrapping Service

The vehicle wrapping service now makes it possible to transform the colour appearance without the need for a permanent re-spray. With a choice of over 100 standard vinyl colours ranging from gloss to matte finishes. A vehicle wrap makes your vehicle quite unique. The choice of colour wrap is limited only by your imagination. The vehicle wrapping service is provided with a limited 1 year guaranty.

Product RRP
Full vehicle wrap in a choice of colours. (Please note special order colours may be extra). £0.00

Suspension and Vehicle Stability

Performance Lowering Springs:

Revere sports lowering springs have been designed to lower vehicles with optimised road holding without the loss of road comfort.

Performance Lowering Modules:

Revere electronic lowering modules are designed to work alongside the vehicles original onboard suspension computer by a recalibration of the vehicles software. Lowering amounts range between 25-35mm with improved handling dynamics.

Diagnostic Electronic Lowering (Land Rover Only):

Revere is one of the very few companies in Europe that can offer a full Diagnostic Electronic Lowering set up. The customer has an option of between 10-30mm lower over standard ride height. The customer can expect a sportier drive with increased handling dynamics without the loss of road comfort.

Product RRP
Revere Electronic air suspension module to lower the vehicle 30mm £1,234.04
Fitting and fine-tuning of Electronic lowering Module £250.00

Extra Additions

Product RRP
Wheel and tyre fitting together , balancing and bolting onto vehicle X4 £60.00
Revere trademark umbrella (Silver) £50.21
Additional Labour (Per Hour) £125.00
Rear tailgate interior umbrella clips £41.70
Revere trademark indoor/dry car cover £254.47
Revere Tailored Edition keyring £16.17
Revere WC1 & WC2 alloy wheel centre cap replacement (Price per cap) £33.19
Bentley (B Logo) For Revere wheels Bentley part number RH 20469 Each £15.99
Bespoke/Individual Insignia Graphics WHEEL LOGOS (e.g. Player Number / Company Logo) £0.00
Replacement Revere Valve Caps (Set of 4) £33.19
Laser diffusers (front facing) supplied and fully installed £382.13
RAC Trackstar - Vehicle tracker system (Installed) £499.13