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Overview: In recognition that mere 'branding' is not compelling enough in today's marketplace, Revere acknowledge the importance of utilising fine craftsmanship, and superior materials in the manufacture of our vehicles and components.

Revere has an unrivalled passion and excellence for designing bespoke cars and building a unique vehicle for customers to truly enjoy and others to admire. Clients who have experienced the joy of owning a Revere Vehicle share our enthusiasm and love of the brand image. Our customers play as much a part in how their Revere vehicle looks as we do. In keeping with Revere tradition you can personalise your Revere vehicle to suit your individual needs.

Each Revere is hand-built via specification, so you can choose the finishing touches to make it uniquely yours. It's a simple but inspiring process that starts with your choice of wheels, leather upholstery and exquisite finishing accessories. If you were considering having a vehicle uniquely crafted we will be happy to offer you a no obligation private consultation with one of our highly trained staff. They will be able to ascertain your needs and budgetary aspirations whilst ensuring the vehicle we create for you will be exactly what you want.
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Revere Luxury wheels have set new industry standards in the Luxury aftermarket wheel industry from strength testing, right across to highly advanced paint and diamond cutting processes.

The Revere wheel collection has been designed to be timeless in design and to optimise the vehicles appearance without any design compromises.

Revere wheels are also available in bespoke paint finishes (Please speak to a member of staff to explore the unique finishes available)

The road wheel program is associated with only the very best tyre manufacturers in the world for increased road comfort, tyre performance, stopping distances and softened road noise.
Description RRP
22" Revere WC1 Aluminum Wheel (Belgravia Silver) Single Wheel only £455.00
22" Revere WC1 Aluminium Wheel in (Mayfair Black/Diamond Turned Lip) Single Wheel only £480.00
22" Revere WC2 Alloy Wheel (Diamond Turned/GMF) Single Wheel only £525.00
22" Revere WC2 Alloy Wheel (Gloss Black) Single Wheel only £599.00
22" Revere WC3 Alloy Wheel (Satin Anthracite) Single Wheel only £599.00
22" Revere WC3 Alloy Wheel (Gloss Black) Single Wheel only £599.00
22" Revere WC1 aluminium wheel (Belgravia Silver) with Factory approved 275/40/22 Continental LX Sport tyres or similar (set of 4) £2,975.00
22" Revere WC1 aluminium wheel (Mayfair Black/Diamond Turned Lip) with Factory approved 275/40/22 Continental LX Sport tyres or similar (set of 4) £3,075.00
22" Revere WC2 Alloy Wheel (Diamond Turned/GMF) with Factory approved 275/40/22 Continental LX Sport tyres or similar (set of 4) £3,255.00
22" Revere WC2 Alloy Wheel (Gloss Black) with Factory approved 275/40/22 Continental LX Sport tyres or similar (set of 4) £3,550.00
22" Revere WC3 Alloy Wheel (Satin Anthracite) with Factory approved 275/40/22 Continental LX Sport tyres or similar (set of 4) £3,550.00
22" Revere WC3 Alloy Wheel (Gloss Black) with Factory approved 275/40/22 Continental LX Sport tyres or similar (set of 4) £3,550.00
Revere Bespoke personalisation programme, In addition to our standard colours we are able to customise your wheels to reflect your own personal style. We can match any colour and choice of matt, satin or gloss finishes £0.00
Larger tyre option of 305/35/22 to give that larger wheel/filled arches look, with the added benefit of increased ride comfort - available at no extra cost £0.00
23" Revere WC4 Alloy Wheel (Gloss Black Diamond Turned Finish) Single Wheel only £750.00
23" Revere WC4 Alloy Wheel (Gloss Black Diamond Turned Finish) fitted with 285/35 x 23 High Performance Tyres £4,080.00
23" Revere WC4 Alloy Wheel (Bespoke Custom Finish) fitted with 285/35 x 23 High Performance Tyres £4,480.00
24" Revere WC5 Two Piece Forged Alloy Wheel (Gloss Black Finish to rim with Satin Black Centres) Single Wheel only £1,200.00
24" Revere WC5 Two Piece Forged Alloy Wheel (Gloss Black Finish to rim with Satin Black Centres) fitted with 285/35 x 24 Pirelli Scorpion High Performance Tyres £6,000.00

Aerodynamics and Body Styling
Description RRP
Revere Knightsbridge Body Styling Package - comprising of upper Front Bumper additions including LED DRLs, lower bumper addition with DLC mesh insert. Complete rear bumper with Solid Billet Aluminum tailpieces £4,995.00
Aerodynamic High Level Tailgate Spoiler - painted in body or contrasting colour £995.00
Painting & Fitting of Revere Knightsbridge Bodystyling Package £2,500.00

Revere luxury grills and vents are carefully hand crafted using virgin ABS plastic and the highest grade woven 316L stainless steel, finished by either electro polishing for long-lasting durability or black PVD coated for an aggressive look.

Each handcrafted grill and vent is personally checked and signed off by its fabricator. The grill and vents are complemented with the finishing touch, a polished metal Revere shield further reflecting your individuality.
Description RRP
Revere SW3 Front Grill and Side Blade system comes with a choice of Electro polished stainless steel mesh or black PVD coated mesh. Painted to match your vehicle £851.00
Revere SW3 Front Grill and side blade system comes with a choice of electro polished stainless steel mesh or black PVD coated mesh ( Supplied only) £651.00
Grill shield insert, manufactured in OEM plastic, complete with Chrome Revere Tailored Edition Shield £199.95
Revere Installation £85.00

Exterior Enhancements, Paint and Installation
Description RRP
Original equipment Front Wing Side blade fins Colour Code to Atlas £325.00
Colour Coding Programme - Pack 1- Colour Code front and rear bumper inserts, front door & rear door inserts front bumper outboard vents, mirror caps and the side door fins. £1,295.00
Colour Coding Programme - Pack 2-Full Colour Code front and rear bumpers, lower door mouldings, front door & rear door inserts front bumper outboard vents, mirror caps and the side door fins. £1,795.00
Chrome, Black or Silver Range Rover letters. (Front and Rear). £170.00
Installation of letters £42.95
Revere Trademark Chrome Metal Rear Boot Badge insignia - Not available separately, only with tailored conversion packages £64.95
Revere lettering (Special edition) Silver grey. £270.00
Side steps O.E style £499.00
Revere Tailored Edition Chassis Plate - identification steel plate stamped with a unique build authentication number (only available with official Revere built vehicles) £35.00

Revere bespoke leather interior upgrades:

Every Revere re-upholstered interior requires several hides from the same batch that are carefully checked to certify the suppleness throughout. Revere only take the very best hides from Scotland and Italy for our interiors. Every millimetre of each hide of soft nappa leather is inspected by our trained upholsterers to ensure there are no imperfections within the natural hide material.We then hand-cut the pieces required only using the very best sections. The leather is pre-shrunk and specially dyed so the colour permeates right through making it supple so that it won't squeak, crack or stretch. Individuals can choose from a vast range of mono and contrasting colour leather combinations and stitched in over 100 different thread colours. Choose between our embossed or embroidered logo for a finishing touch. We are also able to offer a bespoke logo service.

Revere Veneer Interior Upgrades: To complement the leather upholstery we are proud to now offer a comprehensive veneering service ranging from interior panels, dash panels, door inserts and steering wheels.
Description RRP
Leather and alcantara cross stitched child seat. £0.00
Re-Upholster seat centres with bespoke stitching £1,799.00
Re-Upholster seat centres and bolster wings in a choice of colours and stitching styles £2,495.00
Complete re-upholster of seats with bespoke stitching , piping or colours £2,995.00
Re-upholster cubby box lid £299.00
Re-Upholster dash facia £949.00
Re-Upholster speedometer binicle £299.00
Re-Upholster 4x Door Pulls £449.00
Tinted rear lamp units (Not road-legal without additional reflector) £249.95

The vehicle wrapping service now makes it possible to transform the colour appearance without the need for a permanent re-spray. With a choice of over 100 standard vinyl colours ranging from gloss to matte finishes. A vehicle wrap makes your vehicle quite unique. The choice of colour wrap is limited only by your imagination. The vehicle wrapping service is provided with a limited 1 year guaranty.
Description RRP
Contrast Roof Wrapped to give your car that Autobiography look £700.00
Full Vinyl Body Wrapping Service in a variety of colours and finishes. Prices from £2,000.00
Full Vinyl Body Wrapping Service in a variety of colours and finishes. With the addition of door shuts to give that original factory painted appearance. Prices from £2,600.00

What makes Revere so unique on our window tinting service?

• The use of ultraviolet absorbing window tint film with up to 99.9% ultraviolet rejection
• Colour stable film (Guaranteed for life)
• Revere window tinting technicians with over 20 years experience in the application of privacy film and high strength power glass film

Revere Window Tinting is provided with a limited lifetime guaranty.
Description RRP
Full privacy glass full vehicle (Choice of 3 shades) - Check legality in your country of residence £449.00
B-post back privacy glass (Choice of 3 shades) £299.95
Tint x 2 Windows £149.95
Security Glass, clear or tinted. (Full vehicle) £695.95

Brake Upgrades
Description RRP
Colour Coded calipers in Black, Silver, Red or Yellow (Heat resistant paint, please allow 2 days for this service). (With a choice of Revere branding). £449.00

Performance Lowering Springs:

Revere sports lowering springs have been designed to lower vehicles with optimised road holding without the loss of road comfort.

Performance Lowering Modules:

Revere electronic lowering modules are designed to work alongside the vehicles original onboard suspension computer by a recalibration of the vehicles software. Lowering amounts range between 25-35mm with improved handling dynamics.

Diagnostic Electronic Lowering (Land Rover Only):

Revere is one of the very few companies in Europe that can offer a full Diagnostic Electronic Lowering set up. The customer has an option of between 10-30mm lower over standard ride height. The customer can expect a sportier drive with increased handling dynamics without the loss of road comfort.
Description RRP
Adjust suspension to 20-30mm lower £299.00
Electronic Suspension Lowering re-program (Non-module) - Lowers upto 30mm. Please specify between 10mm-30mm on installation. £450.00

Revere custom exhaust application are handmade. Revere engineer exhausts from thin-wall stainless steel tubing to produce more power whilst ensuring the system is lightweight.

For demanding off-road use Revere utilises a heavy gauge steel for resistance against rock and gravel impact. Whether for road or race use, Revere researches, designs, tests, and builds exhaust systems for real world power and long lasting quality construction.
Description RRP
Twin Round Stainless Steel Exhaust Tail Sections - with plastic bumper colour coded trim finishers moulded to the existing bumper £649.00

Description RRP
Revere Tailored Edition keyring £16.95
Revere trademark indoor/dry car cover £254.95
Rear tailgate interior umbrella clips £65.95
Revere trademark umbrella (Silver) £5.95
RAC Trackstar - Vehicle tracker system (Installed) £399.95
Bespoke/Individual Insignia Graphics (e.g. Player Number / Company Logo) £0.00
Replacement Revere Valve Caps (Set of 4) £33.95
Wheel and tyre fitting together , balancing and bolting onto vehicle X4 £59.95
Additional Part Items £0.00
Additional Labour (Per Hour) £125.00
UK Delivery of alloy wheels (Pallet) £65.00
UK Delivery of full aero kit (Pallet) £99.90
Worldwide Delivery £0.00
Terms & Conditions
Definitions The 'Company' shall mean Revere London The 'Customer' shall mean the person buying /ordering the goods or services for whom the work is to be done. Retention of Title Ownership of the goods or services shall not pass to the customer under any circumstances until the company has received in full (in cash or cleared funds) all sums due in respects of the goods, services and/or labour supplied by the company.

All delivery dates are to be advised as accurately as possible at the time of order. Revere London will always try to keep to the advised dates for a conversion and if delivery will be late will contact the customer to advise. Revere and its associated dealers will not be held liable for failure to deliver by an anticipated date.

On appointment of the order we will call for an initial deposit of 50% of the total order value. This deposit is non-refundable on cancellation by the customer. Payment is accepted by bankers' cheque or bank TT transfer made payable to 'Revere London' Personal or company cheques will only be accepted if agreed in advance with Revere London and are subject to clearance. Vehicles or products will not be released unless full payment has been received.

Exchange Items:
There will be a 40% surcharge made to all mail order customers on items where there is an asterisk or stated and are pending the return of the original parts in good condition. Value Added Tax (VAT) Prices shown exclude British VAT

Export Customers (Inside EU):
We invoice our products with VAT. In order to be accepted for a VAT refund we will need a proof of exportation, issued by HM Customs and excise at the port of exportation.

Refunds will only be made if the form is completed and stamped correctly. If we are exporting our products and you are a registered company within the EU we can place you in a zero-rated category as long as you supply us with proof of your company sales tax number.

Export Customers (Outside EU):
Any quotations for shipments are only valid for 1 week after our quotation date due to price fluctuation on air / sea rates. We will send you an offer / quotation for parts including delivery. Please send the correct amount of payment as any discrepancies may prevent invoicing and delivery. Using your own shippers is only allowed if full payment has been received by bank transfer.

Export terms:
Unless any special terms are agreed in writing between the company and the customer, where the Goods are supplied for export from the United Kingdom you shall be responsible (at your cost) for complying with any legislation or regulations governing the importation of the Goods into the country of destination (including obtaining relevant licenses, permits and permissions) and for the payment of any duties and for supplying all relevant details to us where delivery is to be made at your premises. You will also be responsible to check those parts we supply are legally allowed to be installed on your vehicle or a clients vehicle in your country. Unless the goods are to be collected by you or your carrier from our premises, the Goods shall be delivered at your nominated premises (as agreed by us).

Depending on the extent of the conversion it may be necessary for the company to test drive your vehicle, or have the vehicle delivered to specialist sub-contractors i.e. rolling road/bodyshop. In such respect a small amount of mileage may be accumulated. All of the companies' drivers are full insured and will ensure your vehicle is driven with the up most care and attention.

Under the company warranty terms the company is obliged to correct/repair any defective work or products supplied within 12 months of purchase or completed conversion. The warranty does not cover any third party interaction unless authorisation has been given in writing by Revere. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is not transferrable. Our warranty does not cover the vehicle when used at any kind of motorsport or track event or used off-road. Our warranty does not cover vehicle transportation costs and all parts must be returned back to the company for inspection before warranty is confirmed.

Owner's Care:
It is the responsibility of the customer/vehicle owner to conform to regular vehicle safety checks i.e. correct tyre air pressures, wheel bolt torque, oil levels plus all the normal checks outlined by your vehicle manufacture etc. Please re-torque your wheels after having new wheels fitted. Please also check after having wheels fitted you have your locking wheel nut key. Revere does not hold any responsibility for damage incurred to your vehicle or Revere added parts due to customer negligence. When a vehicle has been vinyl wrapped by Revere this must be treated with the upmost care.

General Note:
Please be aware some of our products cannot be purchased separately, as some products are held for full conversions only. Certain parts are only supplied with a Complete Revere Conversion or proof you have an existing Revere Genuine conversion.

Caring for your Wrap
In order to keep it looking at its best for as long as possible, we would recommend that you always hand-wash your wrapped vehicle. Therefore, please take the following precautions when cleaning the vehicle: Do not subject your wrap to the following cleaning systems Pressure washers, Steam cleaners, Industrial scrubbing machines (forecourt car-washes). If you expose your wrap to the above then you run the risk of the following occurring: A pressure washer/steam cleaner will rip holes in the material; an industrial scrubbing machine will scuff the laminate and dull the colors' of the wrap, an industrial scrubbing machine will also lift the edges of the wrap and cause it to peel back. Any damage caused by the above methods is easily identifiable and we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused in this manner. If you take care of your wrap then it will remain in good condition for between two to three years.

Please note: Removing the wrap from your vehicle may in some extreme cases remove original paint. The company is not responsible for any damage incurred during the removal of your wrap.

Who you need to inform about your wrap:

1] Insurance: It is important that you advise your insurance company that you have had your vehicle part/fully wrapped. This way should you be in the unfortunate position of having an accident or need to claim on your insurance company then they are aware of the costs and materials that will need to be replaced.
2] DVLA: The DVLA should only be contacted should the car be a permanent colour change. As vehicle wraps are temporary there is no need to advise them of your wrap.
3] Police: As part of the police's vehicle database, your car registration is linked to the make, model and colour of your vehicle. If the police do a registration number check they may stop you and ask questions regarding the colour. It is very easy to demonstrate that the vinyl is temporary and not the true colour - simply lift your bonnet or your door shuts (if not wrapped).

Manufacturer's Warranty
Aftermarket accessories do not directly affect your existing manufacturer's warranty. However, many people, including vehicle agents/manufacturers themselves do not know the law. We suggest you always talk to your local dealer about manufacturer's aftersales issues with a modified vehicle as very often warranty is open to discretion or interpretation. Revere cannot me held responsible for refusal of any warranty claims due to modified parts being installed to your vehicle.

The Law:
In October 2003, European Union legislation affecting the motor trade came into force. Its full title is 'Block Exemption regulations 1400/2002' (in short 'BER'). This legislation changes the way cars may be serviced and repaired, and gives motorists a lot more freedom in their decision about who should look after their cars. The BER covers areas such as who can service vehicles other than agents appointed by manufacturers and, more specifically to customers who are considering Aftermarket Products/parts that can be fitted to a vehicle. Below we draw upon in particular the issues that concern the fitting of replacement parts to a vehicle that are not the manufacturer's original equipment.

Where parts used are of matching quality as the component used for the assembly of a motor vehicle. (Our products are often manufactured from a higher quality material than OEM. I.E exhausts: T304-grade stainless steel and are manufactured using internationally-certified practices. Spare parts of 'matching quality' identifies parts in the following way: spare parts made by any undertaking which can certify at any moment that the parts in question match the quality of the components which are or were used for the assembly of the motor vehicles in question.)

Where parts used are of the same specifications and production standards as those used by the Vehicle Assemblers. (A Revere exhaust system is designed to fit to OE mounting parts and components such as catalysts without any modifications (including cutting, welding and bending of any OE parts). Fitting is a simple process, which can be reversed or replaced at any time without causing damage to the vehicle or OE components.) An interesting point is that if the vehicle manufacturer itself offers spare parts of differing quality (e.g. an 'economy' or 'premium line'), he cannot prohibit its contractual partners (i.e. dealers and authorised repairers) from buying spare parts of the same quality from the independent market. The BER also covers service and maintenance during the warranty period and prohibits vehicle manufacturers' warranties from including conditions requiring that all parts used must be the VA's 'original spare parts'.

Pricelist Discliamer:
Every effort is made to ensure all information produced is correct. Revere London shall not be held responsible for typographical errors or errors in product or vehicle information. In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information (including imagery) Revere London shall retain the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed. In addition to the price listed, the sale of goods or services are subject to value added tax, any other taxes, levies or duties, carriage, insurance costs, loading and unloading costs at order confirmation. Revere price lists and dealer codes are subject to revision without notice but we will only increase the price for the Contract between the date of your order and when we deliver the goods and/or provide the services if there is an increase in the cost of raw materials, labour and/or other production costs, changes in the types or rates of tax contributions or levies.

The quantity and description of the goods and/or the type of services to be purchased by you are set out on the order form/quotation via post or e-mail. We will endeavor to ensure that the goods are in accordance with our current brochure or other published literature relating to our goods and services from time to time and that our publications and websites are up to date in relation to the services that Revere provide.

Where you have ordered goods that require fitting or installation and have not requested the services from us or where we are not able to provide you with the services and we supply only the goods themselves, Revere will not be responsible for installing the goods. If the goods are damaged by any third party during or after the fitting process, we will not be liable to refund or replace the goods and any warranty supplied by us for the goods will be void insofar as any loss or damage that has resulted from the actions of any fitter or any fault in the fitting process. The goods you order (as set out in the Order Form/ quotation) will, as far as possible, be the same in appearance and operation as the demonstration products. We may change the specification of the goods (including substituting parts or materials) if it is necessary to comply with any safety or legal requirements. We will try to minimise any such changes to minor or technical alterations wherever possible and will not change the colour or appearance of the Goods unless we agree it in advance with you.

Scrap Parts / Old Wheels
Parts being removed from vehicles (original or scrap parts) shall be taken over by the contractual partner within a time limit of 2 weeks. After this period of time Revere London does not take responsibility for the storage. A replacement is excluded. The provision does not apply for parts, which have been set off or passed into the ownership of Revere London. If you need to extend the storage period or if you would like your old parts delivered to an address, please submit a request in writing within 8 working days of your vehicle leaving the workshop.

Force Majeure
We reserve the right to defer the date of delivery, to cancel the Contract, to reduce the volume of the goods ordered by you or suspend the provision of the services to you (without liability to you) if we are prevented from or delayed in the carrying on of our business due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control including, without limitation, strikes, lock outs or other industrial disputes (whether involving the workforceof the Seller or of any other party), act of God, government actions, war riot,hostilities (whether war be declared or not), armed conflict, terrorist attack, terrorist activity, nuclear, chemical or biological contamination, sonic boom, civil commotion, invasion, revolution, malicious damage, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, power failure, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm, disease, epidemic, default of suppliers or subcontractors, difficulties or increased expense in obtaining raw materials, labour, fuel, parts of machinery, or import or export regulations or embargoes. If the event in question continues for a continuous period in excess of 20 days either you or we shall be entitled to give each other written notice to end the contract.

Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. Revere London shall retain the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed.